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Artners for Life

Our work is a true collaboration, one of heart and soul, body and mind, born of a desire to bring beauty, laughter, truth and love to others. We have been ‘artners’ creating with wire since 1999, partners in life since 1975. Self taught and working from the inspiration found in everyday life, our work honors love and nature. Heart and tree paintings and sculptures are the vehicle for this expression.


The work is environmentally friendly, and always has been. We don’t play with fire - no soldering, welding or any of that. We simply move the wire and spread the paint, using the most precious energy, our own. Our pieces tell stories, stories which manifest over time, in layers.


Our art is experiential and observers have their own unique intuitive experience upon viewing. Some have described the work as Mixed Mediums. Assemblage. Contemporary. Outsider. Folk. We’re not quite sure how to categorize it ourselves, but it is most certainly EXPRESSIONISM. We do know for a fact that each piece finds the perfect home, at the right time.

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